Multiprocessor Programming, Adam Morrison and Moshe Sulamy


The Textbook

We will use the textbook extensively both for homework and additional reading, and the material for the final will include sections of the book (errata).

The Art of Multiprocessor Programming, Herlihy and Shavit, Morgan Kaufmann 2008.

There are 17 copies of the book available in the library. The library also makes the book available online. (See the course moodle site for further information.)

Student responsibilities

  • Be aware of all material taught in lectures and recitations (tirgulim)
  • Read supplementary material from the textbook
  • Submit homework
  • Pass final exam

Homework and the final grade

  • The final exam comprises 60% of the final grade, and homework assignments comprise the remaining 40% of the grade.
  • There will be 4-5 homework assignments, consisting of both theoretical work and programming tasks.
  • Homework can be submitted in pairs, or individually. Each may discuss with others but need to submit their own answers.
  • Late submissions: -10% a day or part of it. Submission time is 23:50.
  • Appeals on homework grades should be first submitted by email to the grader. If you wish to appeal the appeal please contact Moshe Sulamy and, if necessary, it will be reviewed by Dr. Oshman.