Tom Aharon Hait

PhD. Student in Bioinformatics
Blavatnik School of Computer Science, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University
Advised by Prof. Ron Shamir and Dr. Ran Elkon
Member of Algorithms in Computational Genomics and Elkon's Group

Research Interests

I work on developing computational methods for the analysis of multi-omics data in genome regulation.
  • Genome structure
  • Enhancer-promoter network inference
  • Non-coding regulatory elements prediction and function
  • Epigenomics and Transcriptomics

  • Tools

    FOCS (Enhancer-Promoter database)

    EXPANDER (EXpression Analyzer and DisplayER)

    1. Tom Aharon Hait, David Amar, Ron Shamir and Ran Elkon: FOCS: a novel method for analyzing enhancer and gene activity patterns infers an extensive enhancer-promoter map. Genome Biol 2018, 19:56. PubMed
    2. David Amar, Tom Hait, Shai Izraeli and Ron Shamir: Integrated analysis of numerous heterogeneous gene expression profiles for detecting robust disease-specific biomarkers and proposing drug targets. Nucleic Acids Research, 2015, Volume 43, Issue 16, pp. 77797789. PubMed

    Conference Talks
    1. Tom Aharon Hait, David Amar, Ron Shamir and Ran Elkon: "Large-scale analysis of genome-wide enhancer and gene activity reveals a novel enhancer-promoter map". In Genome Informatics meeting, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, Nov 1-4 2017.


    Email: tomhait[at]mail[dot]tau[dot]ac[dot]il
    Address: 011 Schreiber Building
    Blavatnik School of Computer Science
    Tel Aviv University
    Tel Aviv 69978, Israel