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Eran Tromer (ערן טרומר)

Associate Professor
Codirector, [Check Point Institute for Information Security (CPIIS)](http://cpiis.cs.tau.ac.il/)
Head, [Laboratory for Experimental Information Security (LEISec)](leisec)
Member, [Israeli Center of Research Excellence in Algorithms (I-CORE Algo)](http://cs.tau.ac.il/icore.html)
E-mail: or
Assistant: Sharon Rosenberg
Schreiber building, room 016

PGP key: [public] [private]
Mailing address: School of Computer Science
Tel Aviv University
POB 39040
Tel Aviv 6997801
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Associate Research Scientist

Office: Mudd building (500 W 120th St., New York, NY)
room 502

I am a professor at Tel Aviv University's School of Computer Science, and a research scientist at Columbia University's Computer Science Department.

My research focus is information security, cryptography and algorithms. I am particularly interested in what happens when cryptographic systems meet the real world, where computation is faulty and leaky.

I head the *Laboratory for Experimental Information Security (LEISec)*, where my group investigates side-channel information leakage in computers through physical emanations (e.g., acoustic, electric and electromagnetic) and software (e.g., cache contention in local and cloud computing), and networks (e.g., identifying encrypted videos).

I cofounded *SCIPR Lab*, where we construct cryptographic zero-knowledge SNARK proof systems for ensuring the integrity of computation conducted on untrusted, faulty and malicious platforms.

I'm interested in blockchain-based cryptographic protocols, and am a founding scientist of the Zcash privacy-preserving cryptocurrency which implements our Zerocash protocol.

Other research interests include tamper resilience, homomorphic encryption, special-purpose code-breaking hardware and various aspects of network and systems security. See my publications for more information.