Workshop in Information Security

0368-3500-40, Spring 2012

Lecturer: Eran Tromer
Teaching assistant: Nir Atias
Time: Tuesday 10:00-12:00
Place: Kaplun building, room 319

Course overview

Information security aims to ensure desired behavior of computer systems and protect their content, when facing malicious behavior and attacks. This goal is of paramount importance to all aspects of society, ranging from individual people's privacy, through  commerce and industry, and up to critical national infrastructure and interests.

This workshop will introduce students to select topics in the field of information security, through a semester-long programming project. Several different projects will be offered, involving carefully chosen problems at the frontier of scientific and engineering knowledge. Projects will be assigned by students' preference and background. At completion, students will have gained deep familiarity with an aspect information security and the pertinent technologies, and moreover will have advanced the state of the art.


The workshop has a dedicated website, containing further details and students' project presentations.